Our tea is part of our history.
A story of people and their passion for local mountain tea and herbs. Our conviction: To offer top quality natural products from controlled organic cultivation from Greece – without losing sight of the people who make this possible together with us. Thanks to a tirelessly dedicated team under our management, we have now indeed succeeded in creating fine, exclusive herbs and teas that exhibit all facets of top quality.

From the very beginning, the quality of our herbal teas was extremely important to us. But until they are infused by you and spread their unique taste, they experience a long and far journey.

Mountain farmers have extracted seeds from the wild plant of mountain tea and, after intensive trials and controls, have grown seedlings from them. These are planted after the growing period of 3 months in soil approved for organic farming. It takes 2 years for a seedling to develop sufficient root system in lean soil. From the 3rd year and for another 5 years it blooms. It is harvested during the flowering period.

After the drying phase, which can take up to 4 weeks, the flower stalks come to the Mediterranean Soil workshop to be processed and refined by us: quality mountain tea for your enjoyment.

Several species of these plants are known. With us you get SIDERITIS SCARDICA AND RAESERI. Mountain tea grows only in higher mountain regions and develops a particularly spicy and strong note in combination with a pleasantly mild taste, which makes it unmistakable.

The plants before harvest
The Harvest

Our BIO mountain tea in three variations

The Finest
The FinestRAESERI - Cut tea
Tested and cleaned before processing. Carefully cut and packed. Unique in its quality and taste.
The healthy One
The healthy OneSCARDICA - Bundle
Hand-harvested, air-dried, individual panicles tied together to form a bouquet.
The Superior
The SuperiorSCARDICA - pure flowers
Selected flowers in BIO quality. The tea is highly aromatic, lemony spicy, with wonderful flavors.