What are the special properties of mountain tea?

Mountain tea relieves the following ailments, among others:
Gastrointestinal such as: Gastritis: The tea soothes the digestive tract and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
It also supports the natural metabolic processes.
In addition to its antibacterial properties, Greek mountain tea also has an expectorant effect. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, mountain tea can relieve the pain of rheumatic diseases. Wraps around the affected joints have also been shown to be helpful.
The ingredients of sideritis dilate the blood vessels and can thus help to lower blood pressure. Greek mountain tea helps with some health problems and improves mental and physical performance.

How to prepare mountain tea?

GriCzech mountain teacan be prepared either hot with boiling water or by cold infusion.

Put about 5 to 10 grams of the plant in a suitable container for one litre of tea. You can use not only the flower, but also the stem. Boil the water and pour it over the plant parts.
Let the tea steep for about 5 to 10 minutes and then remove the herbs.

For cold infusion, double the amount of tea is poured over cold water and then left to steep in cold water for several hours – e.g. overnight in the refrigerator.

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What are the ingredients of Greek mountain tea?

The ingredients of Greek mountain tea, like those of ginseng, belong to the group of adaptogens. These are plant substances that support your body on various levels and reduce stress – without any unpleasant side effects.
Ingredients include:
– Minerals, such as zinc and potassium
– essential oils, such as myristicin, menthol, thymol, carvacrol
– bitter and tannic substances
– flavonoids
– antioxidants


Does mountain tea have negative effects?

No side effects of mountain tea extract or Greek mountain tea have been noted. There is also no risk of dependency. Quite the opposite – mountain tea has a wonderful, refreshing aroma and is very healthy. More and more people drink it daily with great enthusiasm.

Can I drink too much mountain tea?

The tea is free of tein and caffeine so there are no known medical concerns that dictate a maximum amount.

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Numerous benefits and soothing enjoyment combined with positive properties for your body and mind.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Supports natural metabolic processes
  • Improves mental and physical performance.

  • Has an antibacterial and expectorant effect

  • Also externally applicable for rheumatism and high blood pressure

  • Soothing for stomach and intestines

  • Adaptogens reduce stress, without side effects

  • Numerous ingredients such as minerals, essential oils, bitter substances and antioxidants support the body.

  • No side effects, free of tein and caffeine

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STUDIES for the knowledge section:


Greek mountain tea promotes the formation of osteoblasts. Therefore, you can use it to prevent and alleviate osteoporosis.

Read more in a scientific study from America.


The tea has a mood-lifting effect by ensuring that the neurotransmitter serotonin stays in the brain longer.

Also at this link a scientific contribution.

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias:

Studies on mice have shown that Greek mountain tea, when used daily, has a positive effect on memory and reduces the build-up of waste products in the brain.

What distinguishes sage as a tea?

Sage tea is effective for coughs and respiratory diseases. But the tea has other advantages: already in the Middle Ages monks and scholars drank sage tea to keep their minds fit.

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What distinguishes thyme as a tea?

Thyme has both disinfectant and “expectorant” properties. Both in the bronchial tubes and in the digestive tract, thyme relieves spasms.

What distinguishes verbena as a tea?

The pleasant, lemony scent is even used in aromatherapy: it is said to have a relaxing and calming effect. And it is said to strengthen the nerves and stimulate the metabolism.

Does verbena have any negative effects?

The daily dose should not exceed 3 cups. Excessive consumption leads to nausea and vomiting.

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