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Τσάι του βουνού (Tsái tou vounoú)

Greek verbena, also known as Greek mountain tea, has been drunk as an evening tea by shepherds and farmers since ancient times. The herbal tea not only tastes good, but also has a health-promoting effect. Several species of these plants are known. With us you get the variety SIDERITIS SCARDICA and SIDERITIS RAESERI.

Premium quality from controlled organic cultivation

Premium quality from controlled organic cultivation

Mountain tea is considered a popular and time-honoured household remedy for colds and digestive problems in Greece, so much so that it is designated as a “traditional medicinal product” by the HMPC panel. Our mountain tea is gently harvested by hand. After drying, it is carefully processed and refined before it goes on its way -. From Thrace to the whole world.

Mountain tea is a member (sideritis) of the labiates family, which also includes lavender, basil and sage.